Hi! I’m Christy, a California native and avid traveler, with a passion for adventure and not staying put in one place too long.  I have a non negotiable goal for living my best life. I left my corporate job to explore a life without restraints and to live on my own terms.  When I am not traveling, I work as a luxury travel advisor and also as an insurance recruiter for my family business and am usually planning my next two or three adventures.  I have traveled to over 35 countries and have big plans ahead for even more.  After living in Prague in 2013, I have become immersed in Europe and consider that to be my area of expertise and I always seem find myself wandering back to those parts of the world.

I hope you find this site as an inspiration to follow your heart and dreams in life – no matter how big they are or unconventional!  Please contact with any questions or for help in planning your next big adventure!

Next up — Peru, Brazil and Bali!Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 5.15.08 PM