Quarantine or I’m going Crazy(tine)

The end of the world or so we think….

As I sit here writing this, I know I am not the only going WTF, and that is what prompted this post.

I think we can all agree (regardless of age or any type of demographic) that we would never see days like this in our life.  Is this exaggerated?  What’s to come?  What does tomorrow look like?  Can I even make the spaghetti I want for tonight if I can’t get the necessary supplies (yes that would be noodles and prego sauce LOL)?  What will I do for 2 weeks in my apartment without a gym? I can’t go shopping? Don’t even get me started about the BARS!  And what about being with the same people everyday all day? OH BOY! 

These are just a few of the questions and concerns running through my brain, the list goes on and on.


I feel very blessed that I have a job that will continue to pay me even through these weird times and I am grateful for technology keeping me busy working remote daily.  Everyone is not so lucky though… just a month ago I was working at a restaurant as a server and now that restaurant is shut down until at least March 31.  So many of my friends are in the boat that I am lucky to have just missed.

Regardless of your situation, whether you are like me and have an income still or you may have hit the lowest of lows – remember this:  What is happening today is out of our control, what happens tomorrow is also out of our control, but what is in our control is how we respond to what’s happening now and how we choose to live each day.

We are all going to have challenges during this time regardless of each individuals circumstance. Today, I thought I was going to lose my mind every time my dog chewed on his annoying squeaky ball and also every time my cat meowed at me to refill his bowl with more food…. doesn’t he know theres a shortage on cat food?!  By the way, homeboy is eating very well, he is just taking advantage of mom being home all day and thinks I will give into his sly ways.  As I was on the verge on becoming more frustrated than I should have been, I decided to flip the switch and be grateful that I have a beautiful dog that is still playful, a cat that wants to bug me because he knows I am his mom, and a job that constantly keeps me busy through every ping of an email and buzz of the phone. I realize my frustrations are much less than many people right now, but I am trying to illustrate the humor and how I am usually not dealing with these nuances.


Everything in life is about perspective.  We are so blessed that usually, on any given day, we have access to every type of food we can think of, many activities, and the ability to work in a job that we enjoy and can make money at.  Let’s all remember to stay positive during these weird and unpredictable times, I know it won’t be easy, UNPREDICTABLE is my least favorite word, quality and action.  Usually thats in reference to men… but hey another reason to be grateful – you could say my hinge and bumble dating are most definitely on hold for a bit!  TIME TO FOCUS ON ME.

Time to enjoy ourselves and connect with our souls on a deeper level, time to figure out how we as humans can do something for someone else and make another persons day better.  Time to bust out your favorite DIY project or something you’ve complained about not having the time to do for months.  Time to make those phone calls that you haven’t had the time to make and repair relationships that have taken a back seat due to our busy world we live in.

I think after writing all of this, it is really to reassure and affirm to myself that it is all going to be okay and to do what my mom and dad have always said – and that is look at the glass half full.  I can’t help but to think that through every tragedy and tough time, that there is a silver lining to it all.  I hope you all stay positive, find the silver lining in this situation for yourself and believe that we will all come out of these lonely times better people ready to change the world.


In the meantime, if anyone needs a book to read, I have hundreds…amazon is still delivering as well and audible is great too!  YouTube has amazing self-guided meditations that have left me feeling so light and happy and ready to conquer the world.  Lastly, maybe it’s time to spring clean your closet and donate some clothes to the less fortunate.  I have seen a lot of homeless people on Bristol Street in Costa Mesa who are freezing and maybe they need someone to install some hope and drop off a jacket or blankets (happy to do this if anyone has extras lying around).

Youtube Self Guided Meditation – Positivity

P.S. maybe now is a great time to make a list of goals and dreams for the rest of 2020.  There is nothing that gives me better vibes than thinking about all the beautiful things that are to come.

My After Quarantine Bucket List for 2020

  1. Make it to Cabo to be a bridesmaid in one of my best friends weddings ❤ 
  2. Celebrate another besties bachelorette in Mykonos 
  3. Spend more time with my 2 best friends Liz and Steven…regardless of where we are in the world
  4. Attend another besties wedding in Tuscany
  5. Travel to Bali for the first time 
  6. Go back to Thailand
  7. Continue to grow in my travel business as well as recruiting
  8. Spend all the time I can with my pup Bear and maybe add one more to the fam 😉



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