Two Days in Hurricane Krabi – (Pronounced Kerr-ah-b) but for this case (Crabby)

After having the most magical and busy 4 days in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, my travel partner Liz and I were beyond excited to have some r and r in our next spot – Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand. After having quite the weird morning ( I now realize this was just foreshadowing what was to come) our wheels hit land at the Krabi airport. At this point we didn’t realize you can’t get to East Railay Beach by car and that it required a taxi to a longtail and a short walk. After finally coming  to this conclusion with our Grab driver we were dropped at a pier and proceeded to get on a longtail to take us to Railay.  Now being me and knowing I’d be traveling to far off lands for 3 weeks with all sorts of weather, I brought a giant 50 pound pink bag with me and was pleasantly surprised how easy it had been to haul around… until now. After giving my 2 other bags to Liz, I proceeded to walk down a wood ramp measuring 1 ft wide by 3 feet long with my pink friend. Convinced I was going to trip and either lose the pink friend or me (not sure what would’ve been worse)- I made it to the longtail and off we went! It started to sprinkle on the longtail but we remarked how lovely and refreshing it was, not knowing this was to get 100 times worse throughout the next few hours.  

After checking into our lovely resort – Bhu Nga Thani Resort and Spa, Liz and I went to the pool while we waited for our room to get ready. We sipped on the most delicious piña coladas at the swim up bar and we’re taking in all the views of East Railay. That’s when it started to rain again. Our hotel suddenly had a room available to us and so we went up and got situated. Side note to this story: if you are ever in Krabi (Railay Beach) the Bhu Nga is amazing and so cheap!! We were so happy to have this be our resort given the weather and craziness. 

Continuing on, we had a nice big lunch… a massive Cheeseburger and fries (not knowing that was our last supper for the day.. also this cheeseburger comes in handy later). Upon getting back to the room it started to pour rain and it was so windy. We decided to take a nap given we had been up since 4 am to catch our flight and we hoped by the time we woke up we could escape the rain.  That never happened. In fact, the rain just kept getting worse and worse and we lost power multiple times throughout the afternoon and evening. Fast forward 16 hours later and we were still in the room and it was the next morning. Since we had each slept 12 hours we figured why not start the day early and we hit the breakfast buffet at 6:30 am when they opened. After that we walked to West Railay Beach and admired the beautiful beach and cliffs and scoped out some cute restaurants and shops for our days adventure. After that we headed back to the hotel to change into our swimsuits and get going. As we were walking out our door to head back to the beach… it started raining. Again! So we proceeded to watch The Staircase on Netflix for a solid 3 episodes until it stopped raining and then we moved very swift to the pool to test out the weather. After having a nice swim and laying out we were convinced we could beat the rain and we decided to head back to West Railay.

As were were approaching and approximately 100 feet from the sand the hurricane started again! We took cover at a nearby restaurant hoping to wait the storm out but it seemed to be getting worse by the minutes with table cloths flying, center pieces moving, tarps flapping and flying out of control. We decided to make a run for it (a long run) back to East Railay. It was a crazy adventure getting back and so wet and wild that rain soaked through my rain jacket!! On the home stretch of our travels back the wind picked up so strong I thought I was gonna blow away… this is where I was thanking god I ate that massive cheeseburger yesterday as I believe it was the only thing anchoring me to the earth at that time. For Liz it was the chicken sandwich. If you know Liz you are not surprised.

Anyways, I am writing this back in the comfort of our beautiful room where we have lost power twice since returning. Given we have not ate much today and the fact we have a massage in 4 hours- I am hoping this clears up soon! Until then…some more Netflix and watching this hurricane play out from a nice dry place 😊

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